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• MyoFascial Cupping involves massage oil being applied to the area prior to applying the cup. The cup can then be moved along the skin easily to treat the affected area. The effect is much like a reverse massage, meaning the skin and muscles aren’t compressed but rather pulled into the cup causing increased blood flow which in turns helps to nourish and deliver oxygen to the tissues and encouraging the healing process with the therapeutic aim of removing congestion and pain. Initially, it may feel a little strange but it may subsequently induce relaxation and a sense of calmness making it ideal for those that are stressed. This method of cupping usually doesn’t leave any visible marks on the skin.


• Fixed Cupping is used when a tight spot is encountered. The cups are applied directly to the site of pain or dysfunction and left there for 3-5mins. Fixed cupping may leave marks that look like perfectly round bruises but they are normal and should disappear within a couple of days. These marks are the source of fierce media discussion in the past, causing medical experts to share their opinion on this therapy from both sides.


This Service cost is included in  Myotherapy Consultations

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