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Have you heard of a framework called FACE?

Lockdown 6.0 hit us in Melbourne on Thursday night the 5th August. Despite all Melburnian people knowing the drill, each new lockdown takes a little more toll on each and everyone of us. Whether it be worries about work, being isolated from our friends and family or the increasing awareness of the divide in our communities with all the opinions of what is right or wrong during this pandemic.... it is understandable to have feelings of anxiety, frustration along with fatigue and exhaustion by all that is going on around us.

When sitting here this afternoon thinking about what was most needed to send out as a message, I came across this article on ABC Everyday by Patrick Wright, which linked me to the work of Dr Russ Harris, he created the framework of FACE COVID. Reading through his framework gave me an insight to a holistic map for mental and physical wellbeing that not only can be used in the current climate but also going forward in anything that life throws our way.

The First Four Steps is using the Acronym FACE and Dr Harris describes it this way:

  • F – Focus on what's in your control.

  • A – Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.

  • C – Come back into your body (exercise, stretches or breathing exercises can all help).

  • E – Engage in what you're doing.

I have added the PDF here so you can read the full framework of Dr Harris's E-book.

Download PDF • 544KB

I hope you enjoy having a read of this in full and that it helps to lift you a little above the Lockdown Blues that we all can find ourselves in at one stage or another, during Covid or just life in general.

Yours in Health Sue

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